Digital Signatures

Legally binding digital signatures made easy.

Complete Document Approval System

Prepare & Send

Select documents and recipients, define workflow order, set access rules. Prepare manually, via templates or API

Review & Sign

Review, fill-in form fields, initial and sign in a jiffy from your desktop, tablet or mobile. Sign using basic, advanced or qualified signatures

Track & Manage

Track the sign-off status of your documents, send auto-reminders, edit your workflow and signers in real-time

Multiple signing options

MyTrust365 advanced and qualified signatures are secure, high-trust and easy to use. We support:

Remote Signing

User signing keys are held server-side in a secure HSM or encrypted DB

Local Signing

User signing keys are held locally on smart cards, USB tokens or secure software containers

Mobile Signing

User signing keys are heldn in the users’ mobile phones

The Signing Process